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Xigma Engineering Services, LLC operates facilities in the United States and Mexico that provide a broad range of technologies and products to our customers, with three fundamentals as our focal point – speed, quality and cost effectiveness.

Solutions That Work.

System Overview

Effective and Easy Vivarium Management

XigmaTrack Vivarium Management System (VMS) is a simple to use and easy to install software package that is feature rich with an intuitive user interface that maximizes labor productivity in vivariums of all sizes. This package provides all the basic functions of a management system including inventory and animal census, resource and room scheduling, animal health, and cage wash productivity tracking, to name a few.

Flexible and Scalable

Using a combination of desktop software, portable data terminals and handheld software, XigmaTrack provides a completely scalable system that utilizes a modular approach to system integration. This also yields a cost effective upgrade path that can accommodate both facility and technology changes over time. Desktop and portable computer application licenses can easily be added allowing for integration of multiple vivariums and/or additional users, into a single system without the need for major changes.

Support for Bar Code Scanning and RFID

The one thing that is absolutely certain in this business is that technology is always changing. That's the reason why our system was designed from the ground up to accommodate a variety of technologies including 1D and data-matrix bar code scanning for such things as cages, cage cards, racks and equipment, along with the ability to integrate with both 13Khz and 13Mhz RFID tagging systems for animal census. No one else in this industry offers the capability of using both technologies seamlessly within a single management system like XigmaTrack.

User Benefits

> Accurate real time tracking of animal husbandry operations, personnel and inventory.

> A robust means of recording, tracking, and communicating animal health issues.

> A tool which optimizes resources. Supervisors and managers can now more effectively balance animal husbandry workloads.

> Real time tracking of unrecoverable per diem costs associated with expired protocols.

> A method to reduce or eliminate animal loss due to mishandling cages.

> Actual utilization and occupancy rates for holding rooms, resources and cage wash operations.

> Total System Integration, Hardware - Software, Installation.

> And More....

XigmaTrack is designed to work with other systems for an integrated approach to husbandry and research in a vivarium.

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