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Xigma Engineering Services, LLC operates facilities in the United States and Mexico that provide a broad range of technologies and products to our customers, with three fundamentals as our focal point – speed, quality and cost effectiveness.

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                                Twelve data management modules

                                  > Setup

                                  > Calendar/Scheduling

                                  > Bloodline

                                  > Mating

                                  > Birth

                                  > Wean

                                  > Health

                                  > Inventory

                                  > Per-Diem

                                  > Weight

                                  > Reports

                                  > Technicians

The program is designed to help you quickly and easily record, find, modify, or print exactly the animal records you need.

Set Up Module

Set up animal information, health issues, initial locations and also custom user defined information, all from an easy to use menu. Information may also be imported en-mass for initial set ups of entire facilities in single operation.

Calendar/Scheduling Module

Keep up to the minute schedules for animals, technicians, holding rooms, investigators, special activities and more.

Bloodline Module

Blood line can track offspring, ancestors, and parents for all animals making colony management easier and more accurate.

Mating Module

Effectively identify, communicate and record lab animal breeding requirements.

Birth Module

Enter specific birth information for each animal as part of a complete animal tracking arrangement.

Weaning Module

Keep track of all weaning activities by animal ID, location, protocol and schedule.

Health Module

Track and prioritize animal health issues in real time and compile comprehensive medical histories for each animal.

Inventory Module

Automatically tracks physical inventory in real time or near real time and provides an accurate animal census for each location, room and rack.

Per Diem Module

System automatically calculates cumulative per-diem rates and associated charges by animal, protocol, researcher, and many other sort criteria, and also red flags expired protocols.

Weight Module

Monitor and report weight gain by animal, including user definable high and low limits.

Reports Module

XigmaTrack uses one of the most flexible reporting systems used in office applications today. Use one of the standard reports available as part of the package or create countless custom report types with an easy to use report builder system.

Technicians Module

Monitor technician activities and workflow over any number of time periods to assess resource utilization.

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