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Xigma Engineering Services, LLC operates facilities in the United States and Mexico that provide a broad range of technologies and products to our customers, with three fundamentals as our focal point – speed, quality and cost effectiveness.

Solutions That Work.

System Overview

Reduce or Eliminate Non-Value Added Work

XigmaTransport is an automatic guided vehicle system thatís designed specifically to provide an effective solution to reducing facility logistics and materials management costs in healthcare and pharmaceutical research operations. Studies show that anywhere between ten and twenty five percent of all resources used in a typical hospital or preclinical testing facility are dedicated to moving either material or people around in a building, resulting in significant amounts of non-value added work.

Flexible and Scalable

The XigmaTransport system is designed for use in existing as well as new facilities and can be configured in many ways to suit your automated material handling needs. Our system was designed from the ground up to be scalable so whether your logistics requirements equate to one or two vehicles operating on a simple route or a more sophisticated system that services multiple tasks, routes and building levels, this product line can provide the right solution.

Mature Technology

XigmaTransport is derived from literally decades of automatic guided vehicle system development and use in a variety of industries. From itís reliable floor guidance arrangement to state of the art collision avoidance this is a product line that has evolved from applications that have harsh environments and high duty cycles such as manufacturing, warehousing and transportation industries, offering unparalleled robustness.

User Benefits

> Reduces Non-Value Added Work for Personnel.

>A robust means of recording, tracking, and communicating animal health issues.

>A tool which optimizes resources. Supervisors and managers can now more effectively balance animal husbandry workloads.

> Real time tracking of unrecoverable per diem costs associated with expired protocols.

> A method to reduce or eliminate animal loss due to mishandling cages.

> Actual utilization and occupancy rates for holding rooms, resources and cage wash operations.

> Total System Integration, Hardware - Software, Installation.

> And More....

XigmaTransport is designed to work in both new and existing facilities.

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