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Xigma Engineering Services, LLC operates facilities in the United States and Mexico that provide a broad range of technologies and products to our customers, with three fundamentals as our focal point – speed, quality and cost effectiveness.

Solutions That Work.

Design Features

Xigma Transport

Xigma Transport


Fast installation of the magnetic tape or paint guidepath gives you maximum flexibility for faster installations or quick guidepath modifications. The guidepath can be installed as a retrofit for existing facilities or as part of a new building design In-floor wire guidepath is an option.

Material Transportation:

The XigmaTransport AGC can be used as a load carrier, with load platform or transfer mechanism for use with such equipment as a non-driven carts and dollies. A prime area for cost savings in research facilities is logistics moves for such things as cages, animal feed, and miscellaneous material. This system will move material between rooms and cage wash operations with regularity and predictability.

Standard Vehicle Features:

> Software for XigmaTransport AGC configuration.

> Magnetic tape, paint or wire guide path.

> Transponder location sensing.

> Precision stopping interface.

> Four selectable speeds from 10 to 120 feet per minute.

> Automatic restart front bumper.

> Automatic charging.

> Battery level monitoring.

> Stopping - with pushbutton release, timed release, or remote release via optic signal to the AGC.

> Automatic load transfer controls Configuration Tools.

Configuration Tools

Setting up a XigmaTransport system, and the functions of each AGC and station, is simple with our configuration tool. This Windows PC based software package allows you to specify the functions of the discreet I/O available on each vehicle. The tools also allow you to set up functions to be performed at specified locations along your system path, as well as cart traffic management within the system.

Cart Tools

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